An Interview About CMS Compliance

What is your current role?

I am the Lung Program Coordinator at Haywood Regional Medical Center in Clyde, North Carolina.


How long has your program been working with Eon?

Our program has been working with Eon for over one and a half years.


What were your expectations when you first started working with the Eon team?

My expectations when we first started working with Eon was that they would provide better tracking capabilities for our screening patients. We were also expecting a more robust way to track and find our incidental nodules.


What did CMS compliance mean to you before Eon?

Honestly I did not handle CMS compliance before Eon, our radiology manager did. She informed me of the difficulty one can have when attempting to meet 100% compliance. This in turn made me nervous to take on this area of the business once we partnered with Eon.


When Eon completed the data debt analysis what did they find?

Eon was able to determine that we had a few hundred screening exams that were not in compliance with the American College of Radiology’s (ACR) Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR).


How did Eon help you mitigate the problem?

Eon was able to incorporate all of these patients into the software for me and highlight the missing fields in order to resubmit the exams with the ACR at 100% CMS compliance. They also made future submission easier with a one click option. I now receive alerts for every submitted reports/exam and the missing fields continue to be highlighted so that they can be easily addressed.


How did working with Eon benefit your lung cancer screening program?

Eon has successfully increased the compliance of our ACR submissions to 100%. They have also supplied me with reliable software that provides a better workflow to track my patients. I love that I am able to set specific reminders and alerts on certain patients I want to follow up more closely with.


What was the process like working with Eon to bring your program to 100% compliance?

Eon made the intricate process of getting our program to 100% CMS compliance smooth and easy. Everyone on their team made sure to make themselves accessible and help with anything that was needed. It was a welcomed change of pace to know that Eon was more than willing to accommodate any requests I made.


What advice would you give to a colleague that is considering working with Eon?

Eon is a workable software. It allows the capability to easily track and monitor your patients while ensuring your ACR submissions are in 100% compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).


What does CMS compliance mean to you now?

There is no longer a burden of uncertainty when it comes to CMS compliance. We know for certain that we are treating our patients appropriately with ACR guidelines. Now that our facility is CMS compliant I know that my work is being completed correctly as well as our facility’s.