Haywood Regional Medical Center

Haywood Regional Medical Center in Clyde, North Carolina boasts an ACR accredited lung cancer screening program that functions as a Center of Excellence within the GO2 Foundation for lung cancer. Their facility services western North Carolina and northern Georgia.


Haywood Regional offers state of the art technology for diagnosing lung cancer and bronchoscopy procedures that allow quicker and more accurate diagnosis. Their multidisciplinary team meets weekly to discuss patients and their treatment options. All cases are presented on-site by pathology to ensure diagnoses are being made while the patient is having their procedure. The facility also has a coordinator in place that manages and tracks both screening and incidental patients through Eon as well as cancer navigators that work closely with all of our patients to assess any needs they may have.


The goal of the lung cancer screening program at Haywood Regional remains to catch lung cancer at earlier stages and create a stage shift in lung cancers diagnosed in the community. Education is key. The facility stays up to date with new and emerging technology features to undergo clinical trials as well as implementing software such as EON to help manage patients.


Haywood Regional has been using Eon EPM for patient management for 2 years. “Eon has vastly improved patient tracking for our LDCT program as well as our incidental nodule program,” says Lung Program Coordinator Amanda Franklin BSRT RRT-RCP. Eon tracks all of the facility’s patients from diagnosis to treatment as well as post-cancer navigation to help with anticipating patient needs continuously throughout their treatment and diagnosis process.


A variety of printout information on lung cancer screening services and the eligibility criteria are provided to patients by Haywood Regional. Patients can also find online information for review. For patients that do not meet requirements and would like to undergo an LDCT, Haywood Regional does offer a self-pay rate. Once enrolled in treatment, all cancer patients receive a treatment log that includes the Bonnie Addario book and gas cards at no cost.


Join Haywood Regional for their annual “Shine a Light on Lung Cancer” event recognizing the lung cancer screening program and more importantly, diagnosed lung cancer patients and their families in the community. Find out more at www.myhaywoodregional.com.