2019: Eon Year In Review

Photo of Eon Team Celebrating New Year

Happy New Year from the Eon Team!

Before we jump into 2020 and the exciting new challenges that await, let’s take a quick look back at what was accomplished together (with you!) in 2019.


2019 was a busy year for the Eon team! The last twelve months had us traversing the country, performing implementations, ensuring CMS compliance, eliminating clinical workflow inefficiencies, and helping our partners manage their patients using evidence-based guidelines. Eon also earned the opportunity to spend an hour with Eon investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban to discuss the future of healthcare technology (watch the recorded session here!)

2019: Inside The Numbers


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Patients have been touched by our Eon EPM platform!

The Eon team grew stronger in 2019 with the addition of specialist roles – Nathan Boehlke, MS, RCEP, FAACVPR joined the Eon team as Clinical & Application Specialist and was recently promoted to Manager of Education and Success. Sheri Hahn, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C filled the new role of Director of Clinical and Programmatic Development and is responsible for programmatic development with clients. And Brian Allee, an Epic analytics and
architecture specialist, joined as Director of Systems Integration, rounding out the dev-ops and implementation team.

Ready, Set, Go

AAA Engine Launched and Scaling

In 2019, Eon expanded our proven patient identification and tracking platform to Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA), something we consider mission critical in our quest to #defydisease. As with most incidental findings, positive AAA’s are not well-surveilled for growth and AAA patients have little to no warning before a rupture. Of those patients who do develop a rupture, only 50% will reach the hospital alive and of those who reach the hospital, 30-50% will not survive surgery. It is Eon’s desire
to stop this cycle so patients can receive the proper intervention before catastrophe strikes.

Eon is committed to expanding AAA and other potentially catastrophic disease identification. We are diligently working to identify more at-risk patients across a multitude of diseases requiring complex care coordination.

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Future of Healthcare Technology

Together with Mark Cuban

Photo of Eon Team having a disucssion with Mark Cuban

In May, the Eon team sat down with Eon investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban to discuss the evolution of technology in healthcare. Dr.’s Gerard Silvestri (Medical University of South Carolina), Peter Mazzone (Cleveland Clinic), and George Eapen (MD Anderson) participated in the discussion and shared their perspective on how technology can improve, or sometimes hinder, patient care.


The lively dialogue covered a wide range of health tech topics, including AI and deep learning, to healthcare misaligned incentives and what is truly driving increased healthcare costs.

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Eon Hits The Road

2019 Lung Screening CMS Compliance Tour

Images from Eon's Compliance Tour

At Eon, we pride ourselves on being the experts in lung screening and CMS compliance. Unfortunately, while most lung screening facilities believe their program to be in compliance, they usually are not.


Throughout 2019, Eon took initiative and offered free data debt analysis of lung cancer screening submission compliance to healthcare facilities across the United States. These facilities gained a stronger understanding of data deficiencies and were able to course correct.


Eon’s own Dr. Aki traveled across the country, meeting with physicians and facilities, to identify pitfalls and optimize workflow and data submission strategies, ensuring programs were 100% compliant.

Fast-Forward To The Future

Unveiling The Eon EPM

2019 was indeed the most exciting year to date for Eon, punctuated by rapid client deployments and the launch of new EonEndu disease engines. We are confident, however, that 2020 will eclipse 2019 with the Eon Electronic Patient Management (EPM) launch.


Eon’s advanced Electronic Patient Management (EPM) platform employs specially-engineered software that allows Eon to offer same-day custom software solutions for any desired registry template or customized disease template. This technology condenses months of development into a quick few hours of work, reducing costs while improving efficiencies.


Eon EPM also makes it easy to manage multiple patient cohorts. Identification of incidental findings for multiple disease states is automatically captured and made accessible for longitudinal tracking on the EonDirect dashboard. Users are also able to track and submit data to multiple data registries (any of them!), reducing FTE time spent collecting and submitting data.


This unrivaled platform is purposefully-built to handle the unique management of each assigned cohort for a patient. Although the information is displayed as a comprehensive patient record, each step of the longitudinal tracking process can be separately performed for each assigned cohort. This makes Eon EPM among the most powerful and customizable solutions available to the market.