Actionable Findings

Communicate. Document. Close the Loop.

When Actionable Findings are not communicated or acted on appropriately, there can be dire consequences for patients and costly malpractice claims for providers.
Eon EPM closes the loop on required follow-up documentation, as well as triggers next steps to ensure patient capture. Provider-to-provider communication is confirmed, reducing delay in follow-up care, and allowing hospitals to follow the trigger and capture the follow-up exam.

of radiology reports contain an Actionable Finding


will not receive recommended follow-up

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What are Actionable Findings?

Actionable Findings are unexpected results that should be acted on. In radiology, certain findings require special communication with referring clinicians. Both The American College of Radiology (ACR) and The Joint Commission (TJC) have provided guidance on Actionable Findings, each designating three categories that require communication and clinical decision.

Actionable Findings Module

Critical, Urgent, and Incidental findings are part of everday exams. Close the communication loop.

Failure to Comply

Inadequate communication and follow-up of Actionable Findings represent a serious breakdown point in the diagnostic process and presents potential patient harm. This can result in:
  • Missed Diagnosis
  • Unnecessary Testing
  • Lost Revenue
  • Delayed Treatment
  • Poor Patient Outcomes
  • Legal Liability

The Eon Advantage

Actionable Findings Solution

Eon EPM provides an end-to-end Actionable Findings module that integrates with any EMR and RIS (radiology information system). It closes the loop on required follow-up documentation while activating the trigger to track longitudinal follow-up and ensure patient capture.

How it Works



Radiologist Identifies Finding



Radiologist Notifies Ordering Physician About Finding



Eon EPM Adds Finding into Dashboard



Communication is Documented



Navigator Closes the Loop on Communication



Navigator Activates on Trigger for Next Steps

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Eon Actionable Findings

Features and Attributes


Leverage Natural Language Processing models (NLP) to register actionable results and document provider communication.
  • Identifies Actionable Findings based on semi-structured requirements
  • Automatically collates patients with Actionable Findings and ensures documentation occurs
  • Provides flexibility to incorporate local and regional radiologist dictation preferences
  • Creates an Actionable Finding worklists to understand communication and follow-up exam next steps

Close the Communication Loop

Automate and confirm documentation of communication from ONE intuitive dashboard.
  • Monitor documentation to confirm providers and patients are notified of the finding and the recommended next step
  • Facilitate prompt follow-up when it matters most
  • Allows facilities to close the patient record knowing the communication loop has been closed

Activate on Triggers

Drive compliance, improve quality of care, and reduce risk of legal liability with an advanced, guideline-based solution.
  • Manage patient record to ensure patient capture and follow-up of next exam
  • Automate serial surveillance for non-acute incidental findings
  • Always know recommended next steps and patients’ status

Factors That Disrupt Follow-Up

Delays in readings or delays caused by discrepancies
Failure to communicate findings to responsible provider
Critical/verbal findings were not verbally communicated
Findings acknowledge but not acted upon
Findings available but not acknowledged

What’s In It For You?

An Actionable Findings solution for everyone.


Navigators & Coordinators

  • Track and document communication
  • Break down communication silos
  • Ensure appropriate follow-up happens at critical times
  • Leverage technology to help more patients

Providers & Clinicians

  • Adhere to guideline-based follow-up
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Decrease liability and practice with confidence


  • Assurance that findings are followed up on
  • Meet MIPS, PA 113, and other legislative mandates for communication
  • Doesn’t disrupt workflow
  • Incorporate local and regional dictation preferences

Hospital Executives

  • Advance provider-to-provider communication
  • Decrease the chance of future liability
  • Improve quality of care
  • Grow hospital service lines
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Best-In-Class Solution and Support

From security, to implementation, to client support—Eon’s got you covered with:
  • HIPAA, HITECH Act, and SOC 2 Type II compliance
  • A cloud-based, AWS-hosted solution that requires no new hardware or on-premise maintenance
  • VPN connectivity to a one-way HL7 feed from the EHR to AWS
  • Software updates and upgrades seamlessly rolled out free of charge
  • Multi-site deployment for hospital systems and IDNs with multiple facilities
  • Unlimited user access to the application with no additional cost
  • 7-day implementation with ongoing client support
  • Less than 2-minute customer support response time

The Eon Edge

Learn more about Actionable Findings and how Eon’s advanced solution closes the loop on communication.

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