Incidental Pulmonary Nodule and Lung Cancer Screening Software

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Key Features

EonDirect offers:

  • Pulmonary Incidental & Screening Management
  • Zero Data Entry LCSR Record Creation
  • One-click LCSR Submission
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Lung Screening Quality Analytics
  • Historical Registry Backload
  • Risk Management
  • Best in Class Deployment

Save Money.

EonDirect is the only Cloud-Based solution offering:

  • FREE updates
  • FREE support
  • Multi-Site deployment
  • Multi-campus linkages
  • ZERO hardware cost

100% Patient Management

With EonDirect Lung Expert you can ensure 100% of your patients are managed per evidence-based guidelines, improving care coordination and reducing patient leakage.

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EonDirect is the first cloud-based complex patient management application to seamlessly integrate with hospital EMR and PACs. The result is an intuitive solution that effortlessly navigates patients through the intake to diagnosis process. Get ready to Defy Disease.

Now you can automate tedious manual data entry and track patient follow-up exams while optimizing workflow with one-click submission to the Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR). Eon is an expert when it comes to lung cancer screening and is the preferred solution of the experts creating the clinical guideline recommendations. Eon's Lung Cancer Screening Software has no hardware to install, does not disrupt radiologist workflow, and all costs are included.

“As a profession, the most powerful thing we can do is diagnose lung cancer early. By identifying patients at risk for developing lung cancer, EonDirect is allowing us to do this in a powerful way. Eon is doing what they said they would, this wasn’t just a whole bunch of words sold to us.”

Dr. Scott SkiboHaywood Regional Medical Center

With its high level of security, low cost, and quick turn adaptability, EonDirect is the perfect platform for any incidental management program. EonDirect’s integrated infrastructure allows for push down standardization and roll-up reporting in any environment. With zero server, workstation or SQL requirements, EonDirect is unlike other solutions - all with no disruption to radiology workflow. From outpatient imaging centers to large institutions, EonDirect technology consistently delivers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

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