Based on the industry-leading LungDirect platform, EonDirect lets you harness advanced patient registration, tracking and data analytics technology for any disease that requires complex patient management. From outpatient imaging centers to large institutions, EonDirect technology consistently delivers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness allowing you to provide the best patient care possible.

LungDirect is now part of the EonDirect suite of care


Using our proprietary A.I. and machine learning, EonDirect’s advanced software system provides an easy-to-implement end-to-end solution for complex patient management. Its HIPAA and HITECH compliant identification system registers patients to an easy-to-use dashboard and facilitates longitudinal tracking across the entire care continuum. EonDirect effectively bridges the gap between incidental findings and follow-up care, which results in better patient experience and clinical outcomes.


The biggest killer of profitability is inefficiency. Our pioneering software streamlines the entire process from identification and segmentation, to complex submission and longitudinal management. As a result, the type of busy work that would typically take a full-time employee one to three hours per patient can be completed in just five to ten minutes. That reduction in unnecessary labor not only allows you the most value out of your staff, but can also add up to millions of dollars in savings per year.
Yes, millions.


With its high level of security, low cost, and quick turn adaptability, EonDirect is the perfect platform for any disease that requires complex patient management. It’s integrated infrastructure allows you to use push down standardization and roll up reporting without any extra effort, making it infinitely scalable. There are no server, workstation or SQL requirements, and unlike other solutions, EonDirect does not disrupt radiology workflow. EonDirect can easily be customized within 90 days to meet unique business or disease state needs.


Lung Expert

Included with your purchase of EonDirect

Custom Add-on

Custom Add-on

Custom Add-on

Custom add-ons for unique complex patient management solutions can be built within 90 days.

Custom add-on examples: Pancreatic Disease, Thyroid Disease, Adrenal Disease, Renal Disease, Liver Disease, AAA Disease, Critical Results

Lung Expert

EonDirect Lung Expert is the first cloud-based software application that truly integrates seamlessly with hospital EMR and PACs. And that’s no small feat.
The result is a solution that effortlessly navigates patients through the entire process from intake through diagnosis.

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  • Lung-screening patient identification
  • Pulmonary incidentaloma identification
  • Proprietary machine automation
  • Deep learning models to stratify patient risk
  • One-click submission to the LCSR
  • SmartFlow integration
  • Up-to-the-minute analytics and reporting