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Welcome to Funny [Healthcare] Business, where your hosts Dr. Aki Alzubaidi and Christine Spraker, co-CEOs of Eon, keep it real about healthcare and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the industry today.

Introducing Funny [Healthcare] Business

In this episode, get to know your hosts and find out what you can look forward to in future episodes of the show! We are so excited to be bringing you important topics in healthcare in a lighthearted and fun way.

Learning from Your Mistakes in the Healthcare Industry

In this episode, Aki and Christine get into some mistakes they’ve made and lessons they learned in their journey through different sides of the healthcare industry. Mistakes happen, and you’ll be hearing about many of them from our future guests, but hopefully, you’ll also hear how they can be turned into something positive.

Innovation and Technology in Healthcare with George Conrades

In this episode, Aki and Christine are joined by their first guest, George Conrades, an experienced Chairman who began his incredible career in U.S. Operations for IBM and went on to serve as the CEO of BBN Technologies and the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Akamai Technologies. As the first investor of Eon, George has great insight on new healthcare companies and how they’re fitting into the healthcare industry today.

New Technology Standards & Digital Healthcare with Kevin Hutchinson

In this episode, Aki and Christine are joined by Eon Board Member, Kevin Hutchinson. He is a pioneer in the technology space and has helped many companies like Eon grow to push entire industries to change their old ways and forge a better path for the future. Kevin has so much insight into the technology side of healthcare and we’re excited for a conversation on how the healthcare industry is growing and changing with technology.

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