Introducing Eon Essential Patient SafetyNet

Identifying, managing and treating pulmonary nodule patients at high risk for lung cancer during a global pandemic remains essential whether your hospital is ready or not. The harsh reality is cancer won’t wait—and your Essential Patient list is being neglected during COVID.

That’s why Eon is releasing our mission-critical solution, Eon SafetyNet, a mobile application that segments the most at-risk cancer patients in urgent need of active management.

This enables providers to offer life-saving decision making at any time, from anywhere.

Identifies Essential Patients When It Matters Most

EonEndu is Eon’s proprietary Essential Patient identification engine. It identifies the highest risk pulmonary nodule patients whose morbidity and mortality rates increase the longer necessary care is delayed.

Segments Patients Based on Risk

With EonEndu, Essential Patients are segmented by risk of catastrophic outcomes, allowing over-burdened resources to focus on patients needing immediate care.

Offers Access to the First Mobile Nodule Board

Allows quarantined or redeployed service-line members the ability to communicate and make critical patient decisions at any time.

Provides Weekly Essential Patient Reports

Generates weekly reports that make it easy to identify patients who need to be seen and helps ensure Essential Patients don’t fall through the cracks.

SafetyNet Is Easy to Use & Effective

Together We Can Help Essential Patients

In an effort to offer real-time solutions that save lives—when it matters most—Eon is releasing our Essential Patient SafetyNet solution
with rapid implementation to any new hospital WITHIN ONE WEEK.