Million Dollar Software Giveaway LCAM

Another Lung Cancer Awareness Month comes and another Lung Cancer Awareness Month goes. While white ribbons aren’t as prevalent as the pink ribbons we see in the preceding month, there is an increase in excitement and involvement when it comes to lung cancer. And while the disease is still the #1 cancer killer for both men and women, at Eon we know proper management of at-risk patients increases the likelihood of early detection.


Each year thousands of patients slip through the cracks and don’t receive the evidenced based care proven to save lives because care coordination and resource availability isn’t commonly instituted. At Eon, we understand the complexities involved in managing lung screening patients and now have a way to offer our full Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR) package at no-charge.


In observance of both Lung Cancer Awareness Month and the upcoming holidays, Eon is giving away $1,000,000 in free EonDirect Lung Cancer Screening software subscriptions.


FREE?!? There’s no such thing you say.


No catches, no gimmicks, no payment required. At Eon, we just want to make it easy for everyone to manage their Lung Cancer Screening patients – this means easily tracking longitudinal care for patients and easier, faster, one-click submission to the LCSR.


We know how hard it is to transition a legacy program to a new platform, but without the transition, success isn’t possible. We talk to thousands of people and their biggest concern is how will they track their historical patients in EonDirect. We make this super easy by taking your legacy patient Data and importing into EonDirect. What this means is none of your patients will fall through the cracks. Your spreadsheet and sticky notes will go away and all of your patients will be easily managed in EonDirect.


Included in your no-charge subscription is one-hour of training and one historical patient conversion from Excel or REDCap into EonDirect. The software subscription license is worth almost $6000 per year. When you sign up you get immediate access to your HIPAA compliant EonDirect dashboard.


At Eon, patient outcomes matter. That’s why we started this whole crazy thing in the first place. We want 100% evidence based guideline patient management 100% of the time.