The American College of Radiology has recently made changes to the Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR) data codebook and has released these changes as Version 1.2. Here’s a quick guide to the changes.




The most recent changes were made to Version 1.2 of the LCSR on February 18, 2019. After September 30, 2019, Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of LCSR will no longer be accepted.


Overview of Changes


The reason for this recall was to add an “unable to complete” descriptor and a free text field for CT Exam Results by Lung-RADS. Free-text fields were added to several other areas, including Cancer-related history and Occupational exposure to agents that are identified specifically as carcinogens targeting the lungs. Here’s a list of recent changes, and the date each was released.



Date Version 1.2. Changes

Added a new field ‘AJCC Cancer Staging Manual edition used for staging’.

Added a new field ‘Lung-RADS version used to report results’.

Added a new field ‘Cancer history, other cancer, specify’ (the field is required if  ‘other cancer’ is selected for ‘Cancer related history’).

Added “other, specify” checkbox for ‘Occupational exposures to agents that are identified specifically as carcinogens targeting the lungs’  and free text field in case of selection of the checkbox.

Added new value ‘unable to complete’ for ‘CT Exam Results By Lung-RADS Category’ and free text field to specify.

Added optional follow-up field ‘Follow Up Unique ID’.

Added new values IA1, IA2, IA3, IIIC, IVA, IVB for ‘Overall stage’.

Added new values T1mi, T1c for ‘T-status’.


Added new value Tis for ‘T Status’

Added new value 0 for ‘Overall Stage’

1/18/2019 Updated ‘Number of packs-year of smoking’ valid range from “0 to 999” to “0.1 to 999.9”
1/18/2019 Updated ‘Number of years since quit’ valid range from “0 to 9” to “0.1 to 99.9”
2/18/2019 Added ‘0-Unknown’ value to Ordering practitioner NPI, CTDIvol, DLP and Reconstructed image width

For additional information on LCSR file specifications, please visit the National Radiology Data Registry Support page.


Eon Has Your Back

Eon’s LCSR one-click data submission software includes NRDR confirmation of accepted data. This means you never have to guess if your ACR/CMS required LCSR data submission was accepted. And if for some reason information is incorrectly entered, Eon EPM will always report the proper error.


Specifically, our Validator will validate the following:


  1. JSON syntax
  2. Required fields
  3. Response value of the data elements based on the business rules stated in the LCSR Web


Service Data elements ACR_draft.xlsx.


Eon is committed to ensuring Eon EPM clients are submitting data in the most up-to-date format and will always incorporate new LCSR codebook changes as quickly as possible.


If you have questions about this LCSR release, you can submit them online at nrdrsupport.acr.org. If you are interested in learning how Eon EPM simplifies lung cancer screening management and data submission to the LCSR, please visit eonhealth.com/eondirect.