SafetyNet Tracks Essential Patients + NHSN Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity Program

“COVID-19 has catastrophically created a second essential patient curve, one where patient suffering and mortality resulting from deferred essential exams and procedures, intersects with the COVID curve. We can flatten both curves with the NHSN COVID-19 module AND essential patient tracking for those that need to safely be seen now. Hospitals must get back to patient care to recover both clinically and financially. Eon SafetyNet is the no-risk solution to getting America’s healthcare engine restarted and operating how it should.”

Dr. Akrum Al-Zubaidi
Interventional Pulmonologist, National Jewish Health
Founder & co-CEO, Eon

Eon’s Response to COVID: Ensure Essential Patients Don’t Fall Through Cracks & Streamline Submission to the NHSN COVID-19 Module

Eon SafetyNet identifies patients who need immediate care and offers the first mobile tumor board, allowing quarantined or reallocated service-line members the ability to communicate and make immediate critical patient decisions at any time.

Eon SafetyNet COVIDTracker was created to assist in data transmission requested by the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and their COVID-19 Module. Eon SafetyNet uses machine learning (ML) to provide actionable insight for predictive capacity.

In response to COVID and in defense of Essential Patients, Eon is releasing our dual mission-critical SafetyNet to eligible hospitals.

Identify Essential Patients who are in urgent need of active management

COVIDTracker tracks patients for the COVID-19 Patient Impact & Hospital Capacity module

Segment patients based on the potential risk of metastasis and upstaging due to deferred treatment

Provide access to the first mobile tumor board for in-the-field provider review

Automate follow-up for non-essential patients

Augments your current Tumor Board with nationally renowned doctors to provide patient assistance

In the last week,


Essential Patients Identified

With Eon Essential Patient SafetyNet

Without a safety net, Essential Patients are being neglected and falling through the cracks.

Hospital Facilities Using Eon SafetyNet

Essential Patients Need Us (Cancer Can’t Wait)

Learn more about how our mission-critical solution, Essential Patient SafetyNet, can help you provide immediate treatment for those
who need it most. We are offering rapid implementation and will defer all-new subscription fees for the remainder of 2020.