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Eon Essential Patient Management

The only patient management platform to positively identify actionable findings with over 97% precision.

Eon EPM is an end-to-end patient management platform that uses Computational Linguistics—best in class proprietary data science models—to assist with actionable finding identification and longitudinal tracking.


Our platform empowers you to:

Identify patients at risk for future catastrophic events

Track patients, predict no-shows, and automate redundant behaviors

Measure your service line’s impact through comprehensive reporting

Innovate & Implement at Record Speed

Healthcare data has failed to do its job. The most vulnerable patients are being managed with antiquated methods and outdated technology. We decided to change everything.

Eon is physician-led and focused on developing superior technology to identify, track, and manage the patients at the highest risk of having cancer.

Our proprietary data science models positively identify actionable findings with over 97% precision. And, we go from innovation to implementation at record speed—in just 7 days facilities can be up and running with our technology.

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Ready to identify, track, and improve outcomes for patients at risk for future disease? See how facilities across the US are benefiting from Eon EPM to ensure no patient falls through the cracks.