What Eon is All About


Data is the lifeblood of healthcare. When it can’t circulate properly the system breaks down. Eon is passionately dedicated to revolutionizing the way healthcare data is gathered, curated, and shared among caregivers to ensure the right data reaches the right people at the right time, every time. And for a very good reason: It’s often a matter of life or death.


Commitment to Patients

We believe in a patient’s right to the right data at the right time.


We believe in honesty. We stand by our word.


We believe time is precious. We believe time is everything.


We believe that caregivers deserve more time to focus on the patient.


We believe in less feel-good fluff and more information to drive our movement.


We believe in constantly raising the bar.


We believe in working smarter not harder.

How Eon’s Journey Began

In 2014, Dr. Aki diagnosed a patient with stage IV lung cancer who was the same age as him. At the time there were no care coordination systems in place. It broke Dr. Aki’s heart to think of how many patients could be diagnosed earlier if only there were a smarter, more efficient way to collect, curate, and distribute relevant data to caregivers and patients.

Determined to create sea change in complex patient management, Dr. Aki and his team got to work. The result was EonDirect which has since become the market leader in improving patient care and lowering costs for users across the country.

Today, Eon’s mission is to use advanced technology to improve complex patient management of every kind. By collaborating with caregivers, hospitals, and hospital systems, Eon is raising the bar on patient care across the board, saving time, money, and most importantly lives. Together we can defy disease.

Meet the Management Team

Dr. Akrum (Aki) AlzubaidiFounder and CEO
Muneeb AliCTO
Michael MuchaCCO
Portrait of Dr. Scott Skibo
Dr. Scott SkiboChief Medical Officer

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