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Of the 691 million scans performed at hospitals last year, a substantial number reveal potentially cancerous abnormalities yet only 30% receive necessary follow-up. This lack of follow-through means millions of patients are falling through the cracks, their cancer flying under the radar, undiagnosed. Eon leverages AI to flag potentially cancerous abnormalities found on existing health records and coordinates early intervention, growing service lines and saving lives.

Eon Patient Management is the leading solution to identify incidental abnormalities and longitudinally track patients, meaning you can rest assured knowing exams and procedures are scheduled and followed according to clinical guidelines.

Unlock the power of incidental findings

The prevalence of incidental findings may astound you – 40% of all radiology scans performed in the US have abnormalities and one in 20 of those abnormalities are classified as high-risk.

Capture abnormalities with 98.3% accuracy

By combining AI, longitudinal tracking, and care coordination, no other solution identifies and ensures more patients return for proactive treatment.

Champion stage shift in your community

With Eon, you can catch disease in its earliest stages when it’s still treatable. Discover how Eon has delivered profound results for over 700 clients across the nation.

Significant downstream revenue

Proactive cancer diagnosis not only saves lives, it can transform how oncology service lines grow. For a standard, 300-bed hospital, Eon generates an average of $15.3M additional downstream oncology-related volume from incidental pulmonary nodules – that’s just one disease state in one year.

Choose your estimated annual radiology volume to understand your financial opportunity

Downstream volumes from managing patients with incidental lung nodules

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Breakdown of total year 1 charges

Diagnostic Procedures




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Image-guided TTNAs


Chemo + Radiation




Workbook: Best practices for evaluating
incidental findings solutions

Considering adding screening and incidental findings solutions to your health system? Our Center of Excellence division has compiled a best practice workbook, drawing insights from health systems experienced in managing these programs.

Webinar: Making the Business Case
for Incidental Findings

Innovative oncology leaders recognize the value of investing in early detection programs. In this webinar, LCMC Health, RWJBarnabas Health, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, and Virtua Health discuss why they launched these programs and the positive impact of these investments on stage shift and downstream revenue.

Meet our speakers

Michael Gieske, MD

Director Lung Cancer Screening

Russell Langan, MD, FACS, FSSO

Associate Chief Surgical Officer, System Integration and Quality

Linda Lee

System VP Cancer Care Services

Bridget LeGrazie

AVP Oncology