Centralized Management

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Building and managing the day-to-day of any successful patient management program is challenging. Whether its an effective lung cancer screening program or a program to identify and track all incidental findings in radiology, a high performing team that is efficient and effective is the largest determinant of success for any program.

Guarantee that success with Eon Centralized Management, the only market available solution that fully manages your entire program, so you don’t have to.

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Centralized Management

Let Eon manage your entire program.

The foundation of every successful program is the team, or in many cases, the one right person leading the charge. But sometimes finding that one person can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Eon’s Centralized Management solution is designed to reduce FTE efforts and take on time-consuming tasks with a team of highly skilled providers and automated technology that does everything for you.

From triaging patients, mailing letters, and ensuring life-saving exams are performed, to communicating with referring providers and tracking success—Eon’s Centralized Management solution is up to the task.

65.6%increase in adherence

when navigators are involved

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Photo of Amanda Franklin, Manager of Clinical Transformation at Eon

Amanda Franklin

Manager of Clinical Transformation


“There is nothing like Eon’s Centralized Management solution on the market. My goal for Centralized Management is to raise the bar on patient adherence and flip the script on late-stage lung cancer diagnoses.”

Patient Management Made Easy

Put a comprehensive solution to work for you.

With Eon’s Centralized Management solution, you can offload resource-intensive jobs and focus solely on patient care and revenue-boosting tasks. This sets your program up for success and allows you to concentrate on growing your bottom line.


Eliminate Admin


Decrease Leakage


Optimize Workflows


Improve Outcomes

Increase Adherence

with a team of highly skilled navigators who ensure life-saving exams are scheduled.

Improve Patient Care

by empowering your team to prioritize patients over manual tasks and administrative burdens.

Capture More Patients

with resources dedicated to managing incoming patient worklists and ensuring patients don’t fall through the cracks.

Remove Administrative Headaches

by eliminating manual data entry and communication between patients and providers.

Offload Communication

to Eon’s navigators who send results letters and make calls to confirm exams and follow-up procedures are scheduled.

Longitudinally Track Patients

according to clinical guidelines with a dedicated navigator who is constantly managing your program.

Access a Team of Experts

via a mobile nodule board for clinical consultation and support at any time.

Track Performance

with real-time reporting and analytics that provide insight into your program’s impact.

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Photo of Dr Aki, Co-CEO Eon

Aki Alzubaidi, D.O. FCCP

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Scott Skibo, MD, FCCP

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Niral Patel, MD

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Amanda Franklin

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Nathan Boehlke

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Heather Rasmussen

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Nicole Hilt

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Amanda Chambers

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Sarah Allen

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Jodi Daugherty

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Mckenzie Smalling

Achieve More. Manage Less.

Experience the power of Eon’s market-leading Centralized Management solution and watch your program achieve goals you never thought possible.

Flip the switch on Centralized Management for instant access to:

A Mobile Nodule Board

On-Demand Clinical Experts

Improved Patient Outcomes

Best-in-Class Client Support

Revenue-Driving Patient Management

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