Eon Patient Management

Identify. Track. Communicate.

Capture nodules with 98.1% precision

The incredibly powerful Eon Patient Management (EPM) platform is now more robust than ever. It is the only solution to identify Actionable Findings and longitudinally track patients, meaning you can rest assured knowing exams and procedures are scheduled and followed according to clinical guidelines. EPM features superior data science models that capture nodules with 98.3% accuracy and 98.1% precision.

EPM offers guideline-driven, disease-specific modules for Lung Cancer Screening (LCS), Incidental Pulmonary Nodules, Abdominal and Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms (AAA/TAA), Pancreatic Cysts and Liver Lesions, and more.

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One Solution for Multiple Disease States

With EPM, you can select the module you need, turn it on, and meet MIPS and other requirements, all while providing great patient care and growing your service lines.

Computational Linguistics

Power the identification of Incidental Findings.



Creating a pick-list of potential actionable patients just isn’t good enough. You need a partner who knows how to remove the noise and can present patients who actually need care, not patients that you need to sort through disparate software programs only to find out they are already being followed by someone else.

Eon uses the most advanced form of AI to create layered Computational Linguistics (CL) data science models. CL understands text and the linguistic structure of English, similar to how the human brain reads. EPM eliminates the noise by extracting clinically relevant information from radiology reports, saves FTE time, and improves patient outcomes.


EPM is the first and only solution to identify incidental pulmonary nodules on Magnetic Resonance (MR), X-Ray, and Computed Tomography (CT) reports. This update allows facilities to capture approximately 25% more incidental pulmonary nodules.

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Overall Accuracy





Seamless Patient Tracking

Prevent leakage with an adaptable solution.

Recommendation of follow-up for an actionable finding is present in 12% of radiology exams. However, these recommendations often do not occur, leading to delayed treatment, poor patient outcomes, unnecessary testing, lost revenue, and legal liability. EPM provides a safety net for providers and patients and ensures adherence with its game-changing longitudinal tracking capabilities. With EPM, patient navigation and tracking have never been easier.

Automatic Reminders

View real-time worklists of patients who have yet to be scheduled and need an order placed.

Follow-Up Listener

Know which patients have already had their exams and who is at risk of no-show.

Auto-Submission to Clinical Registries

Audit data and submit to clinical registries with one click of a mouse.

Real-Time Analytics

Prove the efficacy of your program with up-to-the-minute reporting and analytics.

Mobile Nodule Board

The Eon mobile nodule board helps you make critical patient decisions at any time, from anywhere.

Manual Tasks Automated

Solve data-entry headaches and reduce administrative burden with best-in-class data automation.

Communication Made Easy

Automate provider and patient communication with drag and drop tools.

One Dashboard for All Patients

Simplify your workflow by managing all cohorts from a single dashboard.

$150 billion a year

is the cost of no-shows and scheduling inefficiencies to the U.S. healthcare system

65.6% arrow pointing upwards in adherence

when navigators are involved

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Powerful Communication Portal

Close the gap when it matters.

Whether closing the loop on a critical or urgent result, or ensuring follow-up for incidental findings, EPM takes the complexity out of communicating with providers and patients. By automating and tracking essential communication, administrative burden is reduced, allowing teams to focus on what matters most, the patient.

Unlimited Custom Letters

Use drag and drop tools to create dynamic custom letters that pre-populate for mail, fax, or email.

Track & Archive

Keep track of who has been contacted and what mechanism was used to communicate.

Follow-Up Reminders

Always know which providers and patients need to be contacted with real-time information.


reduction in workflow

<3 minutes

managing patients

Don’t have the resources to manage your program?

Let Eon do it all with Care Management.

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A Module for Every Disease

Drive adherence to defy disease.

As a comprehensive Actionable Findings platform, EPM identifies, manages, and tracks patients at risk of catastrophic illness. Eon closes the loop on communication for critical and urgent findings and tracks serial surveillance for non-acute incidental findings. Select the module you need, turn it on, and meet MIPS and other requirements fast, all to provide great patient care and grow your service lines.

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Actionable Findings Module

Critical, Urgent, and Incidental findings are part of everyday exams. Close the communication loop.


Disease Specific Modules

You need advanced identification for certain patient populations. Automate incidental and screening cohort management using Computational Linguistics.

Modules include:

Guideline-Driven, Disease Specific Modules

You need advanced identification for certain patient populations. Automate incidental and screening cohort management using Computational Linguistics. Modules include:

Best-in-Class Service

Implement and innovate with speed.

Eon is physician-led and focused on developing superior technology and implementing it at industry-best speed. EPM can be up and running at any facility in just days, not months.

What’s more, Eon offers best-in-class client service and provides ongoing support. When you reach out, a qualified Eon representative will respond as soon as possible to any issue or question during regular business hours. Guaranteed—the current median response time is only 44 seconds.

Up-to-the-Minute Intelligence

View key program analytics with no setup required.

EPM offers real-time insight into key program analytics like patient count, diagnosis numbers, staging trends, program results, and more—with no setup required. This empowers your team to always have a finger on the pulse with just a few clicks of a mouse.

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Care Management as a Service

Offload all pre-diagnosis tasks.

Managing the day-to-day of a successful program takes a lot of time and resources. But it doesn’t have to. Eon can do all of the work for you with a team of highly skilled navigators and physicians who manage every aspect of the program.

Eon now offers a Care Management solution that allows you to focus on revenue-driving efforts and handoff resource-intensive tasks like mailing letters, ensuring life-saving exams are scheduled, following up with referring providers, deactivating patients, and more.

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Eliminate Admin

Decrease Leakage

Optimize Workflows

Improve Outcomes

Photo of Heather Rasmussen, Clinical Transformation & Advanced User Education Manager at Eon

Heather Rasmussen

Clinical Transformation & Advanced User Education Manager


“I have never known a team more dedicated to improving patient outcomes than the highly skilled clinical team behind Eon’s Care Management solution. My goal for Care Management is to raise the bar on patient adherence & reduce the time from imaging to diagnosis to create stage shifts in the oncology solutions we serve.”

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