Too much is at stake when it comes to identifying and tracking patients at risk of catastrophic illness. Beyond compliance standards, incentives, money, and mandates, the quality of patient care is most at risk.

Eon Essential Patient Management (EPM) serves as the safety net so healthcare systems can perform at the highest possible standards and consists of three components: EonEndu, EonDirect, and EonInsight.

Eon EPM is the first cloud-based Essential Patient Management platform to seamlessly integrate with hospital EMR and RIS. The result is an intuitive solution that effortlessly navigates patients from intake through the diagnosis process. Get ready to Defy Disease.


EonEndu is a powerful deep learning engine driven to identify patients at risk for future catastrophic events. Endu’s high positive predictive value identifies more true positives so you can keep patients from falling through the cracks.


EonDirect is the market-leading patient management dashboard that allows end-users the ability to longitudinally track patients, predict no-shows, and automate redundant behaviors.


EonInsight lets you measure your program’s impact through comprehensive reporting, up to the minute clinical and business analysis, and cross-hospital roll-up reporting.

Together We Can Defy Disease

Ready to identify, track, and improve outcomes for patients at risk for future disease? See how facilities across the US are benefiting from Eon EPM to ensure no patient falls through the cracks.