Incidental Pulmonary Nodules

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More than 1.5 million incidental pulmonary nodules are detected every year. Yet less than 30% will receive follow-up care according to recommended guidelines. This creates a missed opportunity to diagnose early-stage lung cancer and puts a tremendous burden on the healthcare system.

But not anymore. Eon offers the only solution to positively identify and track incidental pulmonary nodules with 98.3% accuracy. Using best-in-class data science models, Eon captures patients at risk for catastrophic disease early—when it matters most—and ensures adherence so no patient falls through the cracks.


of lung nodules are found incidentally


do not receive clinical follow-up

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The Eon Advantage

Incidental Identification Solution

Eon is the only incidental pulmonary nodule identification solution that delivers an overall accuracy of 98.3% with 98.1% precision and 99.8% recall.

By using Computational Linguistics, a data science discipline that is superior to basic Natural Language Processing (NLP), Eon’s model positively identifies and extracts single or multiple nodules, max size, laterality, lobe, shape/border characteristics, and growth. While other vendors think 70% accuracy is acceptable, Eon thinks it's crazy. The Eon approach saves FTE time by cutting out noise and allowing them to focus on patients who might actually have lung cancer.


Overall Accuracy





Eon’s comprehensive incidental pulmonary nodule software is the ONLY solution that:

  • Does not disrupt radiology workflow or require change in radiologist read
  • Extracts nodule size, lobe, laterality, and other pertinent characteristics
  • Automates patient tracking per Fleischner Society guidelines in one dashboard
  • Listens for pertinent follow-up exams, including unscheduled and emergency
  • Automates FTE workflow with proprietary follow-up logic
  • Sends a weekly adherence report to understand leakage and patient capture
  • Uses proprietary logic to automate patient and provider communication

Save Time, Achieve More

Incidental Management.


time saved with

Eon Health

With Eon



Total time

Spent Per Patient

Per Year


Without Eon




time saved with


Total time

Spent Per Patient Per Year

With Eon




Without Eon



Looking for a powerful lung cancer screening solution? Eon does that too.

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“The software has become our #1 way to find new patients.”

Todd Hoopman, Medical Director, Lung Nodule and Lung Cancer Screening Clinic, Kootenai Health

“Our organization’s ability to improve our patients’ health journey has become greater thanks to our partnership with Eon.”

Marshall Pearson, Director of Technology Innovation & Imaging Information, HCA Healthcare

“I am loving the new features, especially how it generates the follow-up automatically! Thank you!”

Siarra Stevens, MA, Community Hospital

What’s In It For You?

An incidental pulmonary nodule solution for everyone.

Navigators & Coordinators

  • Prioritize the highest-risk patient populations
  • Automate longitudinal care coordination
  • Receive notifications for patients who need diagnostic workup
  • Automate and trigger follow-up communication

Providers & Clinicians

  • Patient follow-up adherence
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Longitudinally track patients
  • Decrease liability and practice with confidence


  • No disruption in workflow
  • No mandated structured report
  • Patient follow-up adherence

Hospital Executives

  • Capture more patients, reduce leakage
  • Drive downstream revenue
  • Optimize FTEs and focus on patient care
  • Decrease the chance of future liability
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EPM for Incidental Pulmonary Nodules

Features and Attributes


Computational Linguistics is the most advanced form of data science to understand text and the linguistic structure of English. Unlike NLP, it doesn’t require brute-force and text-scraping techniques to identify keywords, nor does it require FTEs to sort through actionable positives vs. false positives. Eon’s Computational Linguistics automatically reduces false positives and does not require radiologists to be rigid or use a structured report.

  • Achieve high-precision output with high positive predictive value and limit the number of false positives
  • Extract single or multiple nodules, max size, laterality, lobe, shape/border characteristics, and growth from radiology reports
  • Segment patients by risk and automate follow-up requirements
  • Identify at-risk patients earlier and intervene when treatment is most effective
More Information at Your Fingertips

Eon’s data science engines automatically extract more essential nodule information from radiology reports, resulting in instant access to:

  • Number of Nodules
  • Laterality
  • Shape
  • Growth/Change
  • Size
  • Lobe
  • Calcification
Eon’s Data Science Model in Action
Diagram of Eon Data Science Model Diagram of Eon Data Science Model

Longitudinal Tracking

Put game-changing incidental pulmonary nodule tracking software to work and always be adherent to guideline-recommended follow-up, like Fleischner Society Guidelines.

  • Automate reminders for exams and procedures so your FTEs instantly know what’s been scheduled and what still needs to be scheduled
  • Prioritize the 20% of IPN patients who are high-risk and need immediate care coordination, while automating follow-up for the 80% of low-risk patients
  • Adhere to the latest Fleischner Society Guidelines
  • Use Eon’s proprietary “Follow-Up Listener” to auto-track patients and knows who has had their exam/procedure and who is at risk for no follow-up
  • Register high-risk patients to a mobile nodule board so on-the-go care providers can communicate and make critical patient decisions at any time
  • Receive a weekly adherence report to understand leakage and patient capture
  • Track patient treatment and improve patient outcomes in one intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Reduce the chance of future liability with an automated, guideline-based solution
Next Level Models & Logic

Eon’s advanced Computational Linguistics models make it possible to positively identify IPNs earlier—when treatment is most effective. By extracting and parsing nodule characteristics with proprietary built-in logic automation, EPM arms providers with guideline-based intelligence to make the right decisions at the most critical times. And, EPM automates next steps for patients who don’t need immediate diagnostic workup.

See How Eon’s Advanced Logic Works
  • Detects the presence of nodules
  • Extracts nodule attenuation and other pertinent characteristics
  • Segments patients based on risk factors
  • Removes patients who do not need follow-up
  • Automatically adds at-risk patients to navigator worklist
  • Triages the highest-risk patients to Mobile Nodule Board for review
  • Triggers adherence per evidence-based guidelines
  • Automatically informs providers and patients of next steps
  • Automates follow-up with proprietary logic for the majority of patients
  • Tracks whether patient exams have occurred and automatically creates follow-up
  • Highlights patient no-shows and upcoming appointments
  • Alerts navigators of changes in nodule attenuation or characteristics
  • Pushes patients with significant nodule changes to Mobile Nodule Board for review
  • Sends communication to providers and patients through the entire continuum of care


Track trends and measure growth—with no setup required—to glean real-time insight into incidental pulmonary nodule program analytics.

  • View key metrics and activity by tracking trends and measuring program growth
  • See complex patient management data in a whole new way with powerful visualizations that bring data to life
  • Increase capture, drive downstream revenue, and prove program ROI/impact with real-time analytics


Automate, track, and archive communication from one convenient location. Get all documentation done from an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Use proprietary logic to automate patient and provider communication
  • Create unlimited custom letters with drag and drop tools
  • Batch, fax, print, or email all communication with a single click
  • Track who has been contacted, when they were contacted, and how they were contacted
  • Consolidate all contact information and always know who and when to contact —with the right information at your fingertips

Best-In-Class Solution and Support

From security, to implementation, to client support—Eon’s got you covered with:

  • HIPAA, HITECH Act, and SOC 2 Type II compliance
  • A cloud-based, AWS-hosted solution that requires no new hardware or on-premise maintenance
  • No workstation software loads
  • VPN connectivity to a HL7 feed from the EHR to AWS, can also include bi-directional HL7 integration (EPM to EHR) for integration of patient and provider letters in the EHR
  • Software updates and upgrades seamlessly rolled out free of charge
  • Multi-site deployment for hospital systems and IDNs with multiple facilities
  • Unlimited user access to the application with no additional cost
  • Quick implementation with ongoing client support
  • Less than 1-minute customer support response time

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