Lung Cancer Screening


9 million

Americans are eligible


have been screened


hospital FTEs workload is not related to patient care


of healthcare tasks can be automated

Eon’s comprehensive lung cancer screening software is the ONLY solution that:

  • Does not disrupt radiology workflow or require change in radiologist read
  • Extracts nodule size, smoking history, and other non-discrete data
  • Collates and automates ALL required CMS and LCSR required fields
  • Automates tracking for ALL Lung-RADS scores in one dashboard
  • Listens for pertinent follow-up exams, including unscheduled and emergency
  • Automates FTE workflow with proprietary follow-up logic
  • Sends a weekly adherence report to track recommended follow-ups
  • Uses proprietary logic to automate patient and provider communication
90% time saved with Eon

I used to work off of a spreadsheet, but it wasn’t very efficient. The EPM dashboard has helped quite a bit!

Jamie WilcoxNurse NavigatorSP Health

I went from doing everything on spreadsheets to doing everything on the Eon dashboard. The notification section is a big help in tracking my patients. The communication section is simply wonderful.

Linda OdellAssistant Manager RadiologySovah Health Martinsville – Lifepoint

Eon has definitely been a lifesaver when it comes to our lung cancer screening program. I really like the new version of Eon EPM and the changes Eon has made to the program.

Michelle Van Hall Nurse NavigatorMetro Health

Navigators & Coordinators

  • Automate longitudinal care coordination
  • Submit to clinical registries with one mouse click
  • Prioritize the highest risk patient populations
  • Receive notifications for patients who need diagnostic workup
  • Automate and trigger follow-up communication

Providers & Clinicians

  • Screen eligible patients
  • Ensure adherence and follow-up
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Collaborate and practice with confidence


  • No disruption in workflow
  • No mandated structured report
  • Patient follow-up adherence

Hospital Executives

  • Capture more patients, reduce leakage
  • Drive downstream revenue
  • Optimize FTEs and focus on patient care


Computational Linguistics is the most advanced form of data science to understand text and the linguistic structure of English. With Eon’s Computational Linguistics, your radiologists aren’t required to use a structured report (unless they want to!).

  • Extract non-discrete data like Lung-RADS, smoking history, S-Findings, and DICOM information
  • Extract single or multiple nodules, max size, laterality, lobe, shape/border characteristics, and growth from radiology reports
  • Segment patients by risk and automate follow-up requirements
  • Backload and audit all historical LCS patient registries to ensure 100% CMS adherence

The More You Know

Eon is always on—working in the background, reviewing radiology reports without disrupting radiologist workflow, and extracting essential information from radiology reports. Eon’s Computational Linguistics can extract:

  • Lung-RADS Score
  • Significant Abnormalities
  • Prior Hx of LC (C-Modifier)
  • S-Findings
  • Smoking Status
  • Number of Years Since Quit
  • Pack Years
  • Lung Cancer Signs/Symptoms
  • CT Scanner Manufacturer
  • CT Dose Index Volume
  • Reconstructed Image Width
  • Tube Current Time
  • Scanning Time
  • CT Scanner Model
  • Dose-Length Product
  • Tube Voltage
  • Scanning Volume
  • Nodule Characteristics
    (e.g., Size, Location, Spiculation, Laterality, Lobe, # of Nodules, Growth and Change, Calcification)

Longitudinal Tracking

Put game-changing lung cancer screening software and follow-up tracking to work with a guideline-based, flexible solution.

  • Automate reminders for exams and procedures so your FTEs instantly know what’s already been scheduled and what still needs to be scheduled
  • Prioritize the 10% of LCS patients who are high-risk and need immediate care coordination, while automating follow-up for the 90% of low-risk patients
  • Use Eon’s proprietary “Follow-Up Listener” to automatically track patients and know who has had their exams or procedures and who is at risk for no follow-up
  • Automate recommended follow-up for Lung-RADS 1-3 and auto-register Lung-RADS 4+ to a Mobile Nodule Board for group discussion
  • Register high-risk patients to a Mobile Nodule Board so on-the-go care providers can communicate and make critical patient decisions at any time
  • Receive a weekly adherence report to ensure patients are scheduled for recommended follow-up
  • Track patient treatment over time on one intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard

How does Eon automate Lung-RADS scores?

All patients tracked per Lung-RADS Version 1.1

Lung-RADS ScoreEPM Advanced Logic
0Alerts the end-user of an unsuccessful test to prompt reorder.
1 & 2Automates all expected exams and communicates with patients and providers.
3Automates all expected exams and communicates with patients and providers.
4AAutomates all expected exams and communicates with patients and providers.
4B & 4XTriages patients and sends them to a Mobile Nodule Board for review by a multidisciplinary team.

Data Entry and Submission

Eon collates all required data per the LCSR data codebook.

Remove time-consuming tasks, automatically tracking patients, and one-click submit required data into any approved registry.

  • Eliminate tedious data entry and complete hours of entry in minutes
  • Integrate Eon’s technology seamlessly into any complex IT environment
  • Collate information from disparate software systems and submit all required registry information to the Lung Cancer Screening Registry (LCSR), I-ELCAP, and other clinical trial registries in seconds
  • One-click submit all patient data via an end-point API without manually logging into the NRDR or uploading CSV files to the registry
  • Ensure data submission and compliance with real-time acknowledgment back from the LCSR
  • Provide checks and balances so no entry has an LCSR submission with missing data or out of range variables.
  • Comply with all CMS and LCSR requirements for Lung Cancer Screening and LDCT submission
  • Enable user provisioning to allow users to perform certain duties within the Eon dashboard
  • Simplify compliance of complex dependencies with optional, conditional, and required data fields
  • Be audit-ready with data-submission tools that include NRDR confirmation of accepted data and take the guesswork out of LCSR submission

Data Submission Simplified

CMS requires 10+ data elements. The LCSR requires 29+. Let Eon automate all of it.


Track trends and measure growth—with no setup required—to glean real-time insight into lung cancer screening program analytics.

  • View key metrics of lung cancer screening and activity by tracking trends and measuring program growth
  • See complex patient management data in a whole new way with powerful visualizations that bring data to life
  • Increases capture, drive downstream revenue, and prove program ROI/impact with real-time analytics


Automate, track, and archive communication from one convenient location. Get all documentation done from an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Use proprietary logic to automate patient and provider communication
  • Create unlimited custom letters with drag and drop tools
  • Batch, fax, print, or email all communication with a single click
  • Track who has been contacted, when they were contacted, and how they contacted
  • Consolidate all contact information and always know who and when to contact —with the right information at your fingertips

Best-In-Class Solution and Support

Eon is always on and ready to help

From security, to implementation, to client support—Eon’s got you covered with:

  • HIPAA, HITECH Act, and SOC 2 Type II compliance
  • A cloud-based, AWS-hosted solution that requires no new hardware or on-premise maintenance
  • No workstation software loads
  • VPN connectivity to a HL7 feed from the EHR to AWS, can also include bi-directional HL7 integration (EPM to EHR) for integration of patient and provider letters in the EHR
  • Software updates and upgrades seamlessly rolled out free of charge
  • Multi-site deployment for hospital systems and IDNs with multiple facilities
  • Unlimited user access to the application with no additional cost
  • Quick implementation with ongoing client support
  • Less than 1-minute customer support response time

The Eon Edge

Learn more about how Eon took on modern medicine and developed the most superior lung cancer screening solution on the market today.

Ready to identify, track, and improve outcomes with the most advanced lung cancer screening software on the market? Get started with your demo and ensure no patient falls through the cracks.