Pancreatic Cysts


Detect to Deter Advancement


new cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed this year in the U.S.


5-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer

Dr. Russell C. LanganChief of Surgical Oncology & Hepatopancreatobiliary SurgeryCooperman Barnabas Medical Center

“I have no doubt that EPM will change the landscape for patients with pancreatic cysts and tumors and have a true impact on survival from pancreatic-related diseases.”

Powerful Models to Defy Disease

EPM uses the most sophisticated Computational Linguistics data science models to positively identify incidentally found pancreatic abnormalities with 93.9% accuracy. The advanced model empowers providers to:

  • Auto-populate patients and demographics from EMR
  • Store radiology reports on one easy-to-use platform
  • Capture pancreatic cyst characteristics
  • Search by name, medical records number, and filterable lists
  • Set up reminders and other follow-up lists
  • Power on predictive analytics

Incidental Identification

The majority of pancreatic cysts are discovered incidentally during abdominal scans. Most pancreatic cyst findings are premalignant and do indicate a higher risk of developing cancer, so they do require close follow-up. EPM identifies and extracts pertinent information from radiology reports and automatically communicates the next steps to providers and patients.

  • Detects incidental pancreatic abnormalities noted in radiology reports
  • Enters patient information into the EPM dashboard for serial surveillance
  • Does not require radiologists to use structured reports

Longitudinal Tracking

Patients with pancreatic cysts will need long-term surveillance to monitor growth and other characteristics. EPM automates repetitive tasks allowing FTEs to spend more time on patient care and less time on admin.

  • Ensures patients are tracked and followed according to evidence-based guidelines (e.g., American College of Radiology, American College of Gastroenterology, and European Study Group)
  • Organizes worklists to make sure patients are not lost to follow-up
  • Ensures exams/procedures are to be scheduled and improves outcomes


Glean real-time insight into your pancreatic program with real-time analytics.

  • View key metrics and activity by tracking trends and measuring program growth
  • See complex patient management data in a whole new way
  • Increases capture, drive downstream revenue, and prove program ROI


Automate, track, and archive communication from one convenient location. Get all documentation done from an easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Create unlimited custom letters with drag and drop tools
  • Batch Fax, print, or email all communication with a single click
  • Consolidate all contact information and always know who and when to contact

Best-In-Class Solution and Support

Eon is always on and ready to help

From security, to implementation, to client support—Eon’s got you covered with:

  • HIPAA, HITECH Act, and SOC 2 Type II compliance
  • A cloud-based, AWS-hosted solution that requires no new hardware or on-premise maintenance
  • No workstation software loads
  • VPN connectivity to a HL7 feed from the EHR to AWS, can also include bi-directional HL7 integration (EPM to EHR) for integration of patient and provider letters in the EHR
  • Software updates and upgrades seamlessly rolled out free of charge
  • Multi-site deployment for hospital systems and IDNs with multiple facilities
  • Unlimited user access to the application with no additional cost
  • Quick implementation with ongoing client support
  • Less than 1-minute customer support response time

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