Pancreatic Cysts


Unlock the power of incidental findings

The prevalence of incidental findings may astound you – 20% of all MRI scans performed in the US find potentially precancerous cysts. Even more alarming, over half of these patients don’t receive the necessary follow up care.

Capture abnormalities with 96.6% accuracy

By combining AI, longitudinal tracking, and care coordination, no other solution identifies and ensures more patients return for proactive treatment.

Champion stage shift in your community

For all stages combined,the 5-year relative survival rate for pancreatic cancer is 10%. With Eon, you can catch cancer in its earliest stages when it’s still treatable. Discover how Eon has delivered profound results for over 700 clients across the nation.

Significant downstream revenue

Proactive diagnosis not only saves lives, it can transform how oncology service lines grow. Eon captures all at-risk pancreas pathologies, not just pancreatic cysts — hypodense cystic lesions, tumors, pancreatic head masses, and more.

Case Study: The Dynamic Beginning of a Breakthrough Pancreas Program

In this case study, learn how a 500+ bed hospital partnered with Eon to:

Grow their pancreatic cyst surveillance program by 375%, from 110 patients to 523 in just 12 months.

Create stage shift by catching 65% of pancreatic cancers in early stages

Dr. Russell C. LanganAssociate Chief Surgical Officer, System Integration and Quality & Director of Surgical OncologyCooperman Barnabas Medical Center

“The ‘traditional’ style of pancreatic cyst surveillance is antiquated and misses a significant number of patients. To improve care quality, and increase early cancer detection at scale, using a powerful AI tool like Eon is essential.”

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