Eon Expert Webinar Series

Eon conducts regular webinars with industry veterans and focuses on care coordination, solving patient navigation problems, workflow problems and healthcare tech. We will announce the upcoming webinar soon, keep checking this page to find out more

Previous Webinars

Building a Robust Lung Screening and Incidental Program
Amie Shea, Oncology Screening Program Manager, The Medical Center of Aurora
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Portrait of Dr. Akrum (Aki) Alzubaidi, co-Ceo of Eon Health
Why Healthcare Technology Companies Must Adapt
Dr. Aki Alzubaidi, Founder & co-CEO, Eon Health
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Improving Lung Cancer Survival in the Community Setting: Nodule Management, Screening, and Program Development
Scott Skibo, MD, Haywood Regional Medical Center
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Centralizing the LCS Shared Decision Visit and Smoking Cessation Guidance
Dr. Debra S. Dyer, Chair of Department of Radiology, National Jewish Health
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