Eon Webinar

Save More Lives. Grow Service Lines.

Why UCHealth and Lifepoint Health are expanding incidental findings initiatives across their enterprise to improve outcomes and increase patient capture.

Despite industry-wide financial pressure, UCHealth and Lifepoint have chosen to grow their incidental findings programs across the system. Why? Because of the incredible speed with which these initiatives impact patient lives, reduce outmigration, and grow volumes.

In this webinar, you will learn from UCHealth and Lifepoint how they achieved:

  • 2,414% increase in patients identified with Incidental Pulmonary Nodules
  • 90.4% patient return rate for in-network follow-up care
  • 263 new lung cancer patients identified in just 6 months
  • 180% increase in patients identified with cancer in stage I & 2 (vs. III and IV)

Meet our speakers

Dan Rieber

Chief Financial Officer

Bart Daugherty

VP, Clinical Technology & Systems

Listen to webinar highlights


Why driving patient follow-up is so important


Witnessing stage shift in cancer diagnosis


Why an Epic-first shop chose Eon