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Steve Hess, From UCHealth Shares His Experience With Eon

Steve Hess, Chief Information Officer at UCHealth was seeking a solution for incidental findings. Hear his thoughts on:

  • Why an Epic-first shop chose to work with Eon
  • What types of outcomes they are experiencing
  • What advice he would give other hospital leaders about leveraging AI-driven solutions like Eon
Lifepoint Health

Making Communities Healthier

How Lifepoint Health’s centralized approach to incidental findings across 62 community-based hospitals is enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment of potential cancer. Highlights include:

  • An 80-95% patient return rate at the top 5 hospitals
  • Over 50% reduction in time to treatment
  • 180% increase in patients diagnosed with early stage cancer vs. stage III or IV
  • ~60,000 downstream exams and procedures generated annually by patients identified with incidental abnormalities

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A Systemwide Quality and Growth Initiative

How UCHealth’s systemwide incidental findings program has improved patient outcomes and promoted service line growth in just 4 months. Highlights include:

  • 2,514% increase in patients identified with Incidental Pulmonary Nodules
  • 263 new lung cancer patients identified in just 6 months
  • 3,460 downstream encounters generated

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