Letter 2 Followup


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Date of LDCT


We are writing to inform you that your recent Low Dose Chest CT (LDCT) showed nodule(s) that are benign (non-cancerous) in appearance or behavior. While this finding on your exam is not suspicious for lung cancer it should not be ignored and should be discussed with your ordering provider for the next steps.

It is the recommendation that you return for an annual LDCT in 12 months. Your ordering healthcare provider can help facilitate this important yearly screening exam.

A report of your results was sent to your ordering health care provider. Your exam report and images will be kept on file as part of your permanent health record and are available for continuity of care. If, in the future, you change health care providers or go to a different location for your LDCT, you should tell them where and when this LDCT was done.

As you know, early detection of cancer is very important. Although LDCTs are highly effective at early detection, it cannot detect all lung cancers. Lung cancer screening has been shown to reduce the risk of death from lung cancer by 20%. Any new symptoms, such as shortness of breath or chest pain should always be reported to your health care provider, regardless of your LDCT findings.

Please keep in mind that good health involves compliance with smoking cessation, annual physical exams and continued screening with LDCT.

The date of your next low dose chest CT exam should be (month/year).

If you have any questions or have difficulty contacting your healthcare provider, please call

Thank you for your consideration. We at XXXXX believe that screening and early detection are an integral part of making our communities healthier.


Your Lung Cancer Screening Team