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Industry Leading… Eon Paves The Way For Incidental Pulmonary Nodule Intelligence

Optimization of the care of the incidental pulmonary nodule patient that ultimately leads to a system-wide stage shift and improved lung cancer outcomes is complex, and requires an integrated set of processes but without both capture of the incidental pul...

Eon Employee Spotlight – Priya Viswanathan, Data Analyst

In an attempt to draw positive attention to the most important assets of Eon – its employees – we are developing a series to applaud the very same. A business cannot function without a solid team in place, and we are extra proud of the team we have. P...

Incidental Findings And The Opportunity To Improve The Early Detection of Cancer

It’s the same for any cancer. When discovered in the later stages, the prognosis is poor. When discovered in the early stages, treatment has a better chance to be effective, and the prognosis is much better

The Looming Impact Of Nursing Burnout

This infographic shows how nursing is not just one of the most important jobs in healthcare, it is also one of the jobs most susceptible to burnout.

Bringing A Breast Cancer Program Up To Its Full Potential

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S., with about 1 in 8 women developing it over the course of her lifetime. It has impacted nearly every family, and some families more than once. In 2020 alone, 276,480 American women were diagnosed with br...

Incidental Abnormalities in Radiology

Have you noticed that incidental abnormalities seem to be on the rise? This is largely due to advancements in imaging technology and improved patient care—when you order cross-sectional imaging for one problem, you are more likely to discover abnormalit...

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