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How Eon Pushes the Boundaries of Breast Cancer Survivability

In half a century, knowledge and technology have transformed breast cancer from a death sentence to a condition that is usually manageable, with an average five-year survival rate of 90 percent. It’s unarguably one of the greatest success stories in the...

Addressing Racial Disparities in Lung Cancer Screening: A Case for Centralized Care Management

Last month, I had the opportunity to present at the Advancing Early Lung Cancer Detection meeting hosted by Cleveland Clinic. As Eon’s second client to go live with Eon Patient Management (EPM) Lung Cancer Screening solution, we applaud Cleveland Clinic...

Utilizing Eon Care Management To Achieve Early Diagnosis With Incidental Findings

Without question, the goal in regard to cancer is prevention. Much progress has been made across the different types of cancer by decreasing risk factors, utilizing immunizations, and catching concerning precancerous findings before they become problemati...

Uniting Providers to Breathe New Life into Pulmonary Medicine

It’s no secret that our current healthcare system is fragmented at best. It’s not uncommon for information to become siloed, or even lost in the midst of endless administrative tasks and unrelenting workflows. Physicians do their best with what they h...

Industry Leading… Eon Paves The Way For Incidental Pulmonary Nodule Intelligence

Optimization of the care of the incidental pulmonary nodule patient that ultimately leads to a system-wide stage shift and improved lung cancer outcomes is complex, and requires an integrated set of processes but without both capture of the incidental pul...

Incidental Findings And The Opportunity To Improve The Early Detection of Cancer

It’s the same for any cancer. When discovered in the later stages, the prognosis is poor. When discovered in the early stages, treatment has a better chance to be effective, and the prognosis is much better

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