Overdue LDCT – Provider notification



Dear Provider,

Our records indicate as the ordering provider on file for the above-mentioned patient, you recommended your patient be screened by having a Low Dose Chest CT (LDCT) as part of our Lung Cancer Screening Program. To date our records indicate this has not been completed.

We have attempted to reach your patient via telephone and mail with no response. We would like to schedule this at their earliest convenience and would appreciate your help in facilitating this important screening exam.

If you would like to have your patient schedule their LDCT they may call ________ and we will assist them. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact one of our Patient Navigators ________.

Thank you for your consideration. We at XXXXX believe that screening and early detection are an integral part of caring for your patients and making our communities healthier

Your Lung Cancer Screening Team